A CPAP machine "tells" on it's patient. What can we do to regain control?

  • Are we going to accept this? What can we do? Doctors, can you help here? Where do we say, "No!"? Who wants in on reclaiming data as personal property?


  • Yet another instance where it's good to self-advocate and recognize it's more cost effective and secure to avoid the insurance carrier. I've been using a CPAP since 2010 and decided early on that the monthly rental charge was a waste of money. Masks and accessories are also less expensive buying from an online retailer than through insurance. Now this with the data? The consumer needs to be extra vigilant in what they're allowing and not allowing to be tracked. Not sure if there's a way to enforce a more ethical approach to what gets transmitted to the insurance carrier but anyone who has opted "in" to the tracking from their device should assume that data can and will be transmitted to other parties, whether for insurance purposes or marketing, or other types of data aggregation.