Direct Primary Care... Do you know this upcoming model of healthcare?

  • We like Direct Primary Care, or Direct Care (as the concept is not exclusive to just GP), to get the middlemen out of healthcare. This is a way for doctors to sell monthly subscription memberships, directly to their patients. Thus, you pay a low monthly fee, for unlimited access to your doctor. (Think Netflix for healthcare!) Often, these doctors stock common prescription drugs at wholesale prices so that they are also your pharmacy! Vaccines and many other services are available right in-house. (Some services might cost an extra fee, but it is always affordable and prices are listed. You will always know what the costs are for your healthcare.)

    This model is an incredible alternative to increasingly expensive and unattainable traditional health insurance. While this model cannot cover catastrophic care, it has its merits in up to 90% of your healthcare needs.

    What do you think about Direct Care Models? Would you "subscribe" to your doctor?

    How can we help patients and doctors find this model, bring them together in Direct Care?

  • I’m learning... Thanks to John C and the last CH webinar!