Introduce Yourself!

  • Team

    Hello, everyone!

    So we can all get to know our community members better, please introduce yourself here.
    Here are some questions you may answer to get the juices flowing.. feel free to add anything you would like!

    • Who are you?
    • What is your industry and profession?
    • What skills can you bring to Citizen Health?
    • What are you looking for out of this community?
    • What do you dislike about our current healthcare system?
    • What would you change about our current healthcare system?
    • What are your life goals?

    Let's get this party started!!

  • Core Team

    Hello, everybody!

    My name is John Chamberlain. I am a recovering hospital CEO and have been involved in healthcare forever (over 40 years professionally). My dad was an internist and I spent many a day at the nurse's station as he made rounds. From that point forward, I have worked in healthcare manufacturing, hospitals, insurance, physician practices and urgent care settings.

    For the last 7 or 8 years I have been working in the world of Free Market Medicine, in which patients have so much more choice in how and where they receive health care services, typically without third party interference. This world includes Direct Patient Care physicians, independent imaging, laboratory and surgery centers and others of similar ilk.

    I am serving as Direct Care Lead for Citizen Health and because of that am reenergized about the future of health care in our country and internationally as well.

    I would like to see this community grow and be the place for free exchange of ideas on how to make health care more accessible and affordable to all.

    The things I dislike(despise) about our current sickcare system? Intermediaries. Those entities that add no value to health care. PBMs, GPOs, RCM companies, the health insurance cabal, hospitals and health systems that refuse to post transparent prices, government, employers... Oh, the list goes on.

    Removing the intermediaries and making health care about the patient/physician relationship once again is the major thing I would change.

    Life goals? To continue making health care better for my children and now, grandchildren.

    Notice what I did there? I use the term healthcare when I refer to our existing fee-for-service system and health care when I refer to the players in the Free Market Medicine movement.

    I look forward to getting to know all of you better and to making health care great again!

  • Hello, friends! My name is Brennen Hodge, and I'm one of the founders of Citizen Health.

    I am a definite optimist and a person who sees the world as it should be. I believe every day is an opportunity to build a better future we all want to live in.

    My background has been in technology, science, & business. Over the past 10 years, I've started four tech companies that have led me to where I'm at now with Citizen Health. My previous company in the pharmaceutical analytics world opened my eyes to how bad healthcare was and that it was only getting worse.

    I'm slightly obsessed with the mission we're on at Citizen Health. We're not building a simple product or service with plans to sell to Amazon or Google. We're building a community of people who want to make healthcare better for the next generation.

    My hopes for this community are to build meaningful relationships with people who believe the same as me and actually want to get to work fixing healthcare.

    I look forward to this journey with everyone!

  • Hey y'all!! My name is Conner Gunn. I am an Employee Benefits Consultant and Healthcare Strategist. I have spent the last 11 years in different roles in the healthcare business world, and I have seen the inefficiencies first hand.

    As a Medical Device sales representative I saw some of the most efficient medical systems imaginable, but unfortunately I also saw some of the most egregious misuses of medical resources. 3 years ago I decided to be a part of the solution instead of continuing to make money off the oversight of hospital executives and purchasing agents.

    As an Employee Benefits Consultant my aim is to help employers provide their employees with world class health care benefits at the lowest cost available. Although we still have a long way to go, I can definitely start to see the mindset shifting towards transparency and the opportunity to take control of their health care instead of letting executives of insurance companies dictate their health.

    Roughly 55% of health care coverage is provided by the employer and my goal at Citizen Health is to help deliver a better way for employers to provide their employees with the highest quality of care at an affordable rate.

    I look forward to the conversations on this forum.

  • Hi Everyone!

    My name is Megan Janas, I am a co-founder of Citizen Health.

    My specialties are digital communications, competitive intelligence and strategy. I love to create and build companies that thrive in being networked and infused with beneficial technologies. Nowhere do we need this more than in our healthcare systems.

    I have been in healthcare my whole life. My father was a doctor, and my mentor and family friend built an insurance company for minimum wage and part-time employees. I have seen all sides of healthcare. I am a patient, caregiver, advocate, vendor, and change agent. I have seen what works in healthcare both personally and professionally. And I have seen what does not work in healthcare. I have built two healthcare startups and I believe that Citizen Health is our future.

    I want to know you. Who are you and what do you want to change in healthcare? What can we do, right now, to make things better? How can we help patients and doctors get the most out of healthcare? How can we make this community the bedrock of change and action? I am interested in forwarding progress so that we get control of costs in healthcare without sacrificing quality, access or limiting choices. The solutions are here, and together we will implement them.

    I dislike that our healthcare system is disconnected and archaic. Patients and caregivers are left to navigate a complex system that gets more expensive every year. We need more guidance and more time with our doctors. Let's connect healthcare so that we all have less stress and financial burden.

    I want to network healthcare and infuse it with beneficial tech to help doctors and patients have better experiences and better outcomes. I want people to have a safety net and feel taken care of. This is right. These are the goals. If I can help build a more secure future for humanity in health, I will have left this world a little better. It's worth it.

    Looking forward to everything! Let's create lasting solutions for all!

  • Heyo 👋

    My name is John - I am a designer and programer. 🤓 I build apps and websites. I'm here to talk about the future of healthcare and how technology can improve and disrupt the current system. My main issue I have with the current healthcare system is the lack of "free market" - With more transparency in pricing and the ability to actually have competition we'd have more potential for the improvement of the entire ecosystem of healthcare.

    My life's goals!? That's a big question. In my career I want to use my skills to make the world a simpler and more sustainable place.

  • @johnjacob Hi John! Welcome to Citizen Health. We agree with you. Introduction of free market healthcare and price transparency has the potential to improve the whole ecosystem of healthcare! This is one of our most passionate goals.

    Do you have any questions about our organization? What do you think we should do to foster growth of Citizen Health as a solution for healthcare? What tech could make the most difference? What tech currently used needs the most improvement?

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