Press Release: How Citizen Health is redesigning healthcare with an open and transparent marketplace

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    HATTIESBURG, Miss., May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Citizen Health, a technology company building a decentralized health & wellness marketplace, announced today the launch of their public online investment round open to accredited and non-accredited investors globally. Offered as SEC compliant security tokens, this round gives the public first opportunity to invest in this new asset class. Invest here.

    Of the company's recent investment offering, Brennen Hodge, Founder of Citizen Health stated, "We're building an open marketplace for healthcare buyers & healthcare sellers to financially transact with full price transparency and without insurance intermediaries. We're calling this Medoplex, the marketplace for free market healthcare. Think of a decentralized Amazon for surgeries, treatments, and other healthcare needs."

    Citizen Health has bold plans for fixing healthcare, starting with:

    Empowering doctors with tools & resources to opt-out of insurance and join the Direct Patient Care (DPC) movement.
    Empowering patients to improve their health, take control of their data, and participate in citizen science.
    Connecting self-funded employers & individuals to health services on Medoplex.
    Launching our "Health as a Service" subscriptions to primary & specialty doctors.
    Launching our "Peer to Peer Assurance Fund" to replace catastrophic insurance.
    Built by a team of startup founders, PhD researchers, doctors, and experienced hospital/insurance executives, Citizen Health is connecting a vast network of people who understand both sides of the healthcare equation and have the experience to bring fundamental innovation to the complex medical system.

    The opportunity Citizen Health seizes is the growing trend towards free market medicine, the rise of Direct Patient Care, and the frustration people face from confusing medical bills. Utilizing the latest advances in blockchain technologies, wearables, and machine learning, the company is solving core problems to reinvent the way healthcare services are offered and purchased.

    About the company: Citizen Health is a community of people from around the world building a decentralized free market healthcare system with a focus on proactive health & individual empowerment.

    Citizen Health is developing multiple software & hardware products to power both sides of the marketplace, helping employers & families save on health expenses while also eliminating doctors' EHR/insurance frustrations.

    Citizen Health is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation operating on the public Ethereum blockchain. The company has issued ERC20 security tokens to represent traditional stock certificates.

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    Brennen Hodge, Founder
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