Technology as a game changer

  • As Naveen Rao, Analyst at Chilmark Research said "You have these healthcare systems who are basically sticking to a portal and they’re kind of looking to their health IT vendors -- who they’re already paying lots of money -- to roll out mobile apps, telemonitoring solutions, and things like that. And the vendors are like, 'The doctors and the hospitals they tend to want things to get them the meaningful use dollars.' So it’s like, who’s going to move first to these newer technologies?"

    Technology is being adopted successfully by all industries at a very fast pace but in healthcare, it is slow coming due to regulation and the nature of the industry. It took for example 14 years between the discovery of penicillin and its scaled production.

    From my engineering experience, these are the technologies that, if well implemented, will have a dramatic impact on healthcare.

    1. Artificial Intelligence for helping physicians make better decisions.
    2. Wearables for continuous vitals monitoring.
    3. Blockchain/Smart contracts for billing, patient record, clinical trials and pharmaceutical supply chain.
    4. Robots for precision surgery.
    5. 3D printing for tissue and organ engineering.
    6. Mobile applications for patient education, comprehensive data visualization and interaction with medical professionals.