The Patient Experience

  • Team

    We are all patients at some point in our lives. Some of us more than others.

    How can we improve the patient experience for all? What are the immediate needs you see that should be fixed?

    • Have immediate access to all my medical records including imagery and labs.
    • Continuously track my health with wearables to detect early signs of anomalies and have my doctor be able to easily receive my data and analyze it before a consultation.
    • Spend more time with my doctor to tell my whole story.
    • Have easy access to medical professionals while traveling.
    • Be able to see procedures prices upfront.

  • I want to be the CEO of my health, that's the bottom line.

    This includes ownership and control of my health data. Why should other companies buy and sell my data when I have difficulty even accessing it?!

    And how about the actual doctor visit? If I'm paying a doctor $100 or so for a visit/consultation, I want more than 3 minutes of conversation.