Hi everyone! My name is Matthew. I am a physician with a deep interest in Health 2.0 (Social Media) and Health 3.0 ( AI, Deep Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, NLP, Semantic Web) technologies. I have over 110,000 patient visits of experience in an Urgent Care and Primary Care setting and have significant C-Suite level interaction discussing new technologies. Prior to becoming a doctor, I was an engineer with a background in physics. I am currently a Physician Advisor for Citizen Health, and I can often be found on Twitter : @matthewrehrl My opinion right now about our healthcare system is that there is a significant amount of both patient and provider frustration, partially driven by corporate and technology-driven dehumanization. One thing I like about Citizen Health is they are attempting to take a fresh look at how technology intersects with not just healthcare - but actual, individual health, and they are doing this by using technologies and systems (such as Blockchain, Open Source Healthcare, HGraphs, etc) as a means to an end (better health), not an end in themselves. Looking forward to listening and learning and sometimes even contributing!